Countertechnique is the movement system Artistic Director, Anouk van Dijk developed throughout her twenty-five year career as dancer, choreographer and teacher. Countertechnique provides tools for body and mind to deal with the deman­ding dance practice of the 21st century. It is a movement system to help the dancer think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. Within a clear structure of exercises the Countertechnique class thoroughly prepares the body and mind for rehearsal.

By continuously and sequentially directing and counter directing parts of the body through space, Countertechnique allows the moving dancer to work with an ever-changing dynamic balance. This dynamic balance reduces the pressure on the overall body structure and can be changed at any given moment. The consistent use of the counter direction in all movements is key to the technique; both the awareness and application of this principle is trained throughout the Countertechnique class.

The Countertechnique theory is orga­nised around two principal notions: the ‘toolbox’ and ‘scanning’. The toolbox is the systematically organised collection of tools for body and mind with which Countertechnique works, often visualised as a virtual map that dancers carry with them. Scanning defines the process of dancers continuously and actively observing their mindset and body in order to choose the most appropriate tool(s) from the toolbox for the situation they find themselves in. Scanning allows dan­cers to make active use of the toolbox in their daily practice of training, rehearsing and performing.

In Countertechnique classes, dancers are introduced step-by-step to the va­rious tools – making sure, however, that the priority always lies with experiencing and enjoying the difference in moving, rather than first having to understand the tools intellectually. Classes are therefore very accessible, and can be taught to participants of all levels. Throughout this process dancers increasingly become their own teachers, allowing them to practice and progress even at times when a teacher is not available.

Over the last fifteen years, the knowledge and experience Anouk van Dijk gained – in constant dialogue with her dancers – was gradually transformed into a detailed theoretical system and a teaching method, which now together form the Countertechnique system. This knowledge is transferred to, and constantly tested and evaluated by, a growing number of teachers of the technique, who regularly come together at the Countertechnique Teachers Training (CTTT) program. Currently there are twenty certified Countertechnique teachers across the world, including Anouk van Dijk herself.

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