Artistic Associate

Chunky Move is excited to announce the appointment of our first Artistic Associate. The Artistic Associate is a new initiative from Chunky Move to provide structured professional development.

After an open application process, Tara Jade Samaya has been selected as Chunky Move’s inaugural 2016 Artistic Associate.

Tara has worked under the directorship of Anouk van Djik at Chunky Move since 2012 performing in several works and touring with the Company. She has also previously performed with Australian Dance Theatre. Under the collective Ubuntu Samaya, Tara and Pippa Samaya are developing their own multidisciplinary art practice

Tara Jade Samaya: ”I am incredibly humbled to be given this opportunity with Chunky Move at this point in my career. I believe this position will refine my ability to connect, express and share by immersing myself in all the intricate facets of working with a full creative team.”

The Artistic Associate program is a flexible professional development program for a mid-career artist covering areas of company management and artistic leadership. During Tara’s time as Artistic Associate she will work with the full management team to gain greater insight into the complexities and demands of running a dance company. She will work alongside Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk in the development of new works, have access to studio time for her own research and development, and explore new avenues to expand the Company’s public programs.

Chunky Move’s Artistic Associate program is made possible through the generous support of individual donors including our founder donor to the program: Jane Badler-Hains. If you would like to know more about how private donations are supporting the development of Australia’s next generation of artistic leaders, please contact Pauline Robert, Marketing and Development Manager on 03 9645 5188