Anny Mokotow


Anny Mokotow is a dramaturge, tutor and lecturer in modern and contemporary dance and theatre. Her research interests include dance, dramaturgy, live-art, film and inter-disciplinary histories. She was dramaturge for Chunky Move on Anouk van Dijk’s Depth of Field in 2015.

Mokotow was born in Australia and moved to Amsterdam in 1977 where she completed a dance and teaching diploma specialising in modern/contemporary dance at the Theatre School of Amsterdam. She worked as a freelance dancer, performer, administrator and artistic director with various dance and theatre groups in Europe, including Blok en Steel, Krisztina de Chatel, Onafhankelijk Toneel and de Vier-7.

Her interest in film and media led her to study and work with film, incorporating film and digital media into her performance work. After her return to Australia, she worked in the film industry as production designer and art director.

An interest in understanding the history and the cultural developments of the period in which she worked in Europe, led to her completing a Master of Arts at the University of Melbourne on interdisciplinary practice and dance. From 2005-2010 Mokotow lived in Paris where she began research for her PhD on dramaturgy.

Mokotow has a PhD from the University of Melbourne in dance and dramaturgy and a Master of Creative Arts in interdisciplinary practice as well as a post-graduate degree in film from the VCA. She studied dance at the Theatre school of Amsterdam and worked as a dancer, performer and theatre-maker in the Netherlands