Benjamin Cisterne

Lighting Designer

Benjamin Cisterne is renowned for creating bold designs, based in light, that are integral to a performance. He is passionate about the capability of light in performance design and its role in art, and works collaboratively on projects across all art forms. He collaborated with Chunky Move as a Lighting Designer for Keep Everything (2012), It Sounds Silly (2011) and Connected (2011).

Since completing his studies in 2002, Benjamin has been instrumental in the development of new techniques in lighting design for the performing arts and exhibition industries. He has extensive experience working both nationally and internationally, leading teams of designers in the creation of lighting designs and specification of multimedia services for various performance, exhibition/museum, and architectural projects. Benjamin has been awarded honours from bodies such as the Greenroom Association (for performing arts design) and the Illuminating Engineers Society (for exhibition design).

Benjamin has worked as a designer (Set and Light) for contemporary dance productions and has been a driving part of the creative team for companies such as:  Sydney Dance Company, The Australian Ballet, Chunky Move, Antony Hamilton Projects, Balletlab, Stompin, Force Majeure, Lucy Guerin Inc, Dance North, Splinter Group and many more independent artists.

Benjamin graduated the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2002.