Duane Morrison


Duane Morrison graduated from Melbourne University, majoring in Composition. He now works as a sound designer for contemporary performances and in the field of electronic music production.

Active in the composition of scores for contemporary dance artists in Melbourne, he has collaborated closely with choreographer Jo Lloyd for the past 10 years, composing the scores for the majority of her works in that time, including Confusion for 3, Apparently that’s what happened (2008 with David Franzke) and Future Perfect (2011/ Dance Massive 2013), of which the latter two attracted nominations for the Green Room Award for Music Composition or Performance. He has also composed the electronic scores for Shian Law’s Body Obscure Object and Personal Mythologies and Yellow Wheel’s I Came Here to Dance Once (and upcoming Quark). Other collaborations include Nicola Gunn’s (Sans Hotel) Green Screen for MTC’s Neon Festival as well as her Melbourne Festival debut In Spite of Myself.