Jack Hancock

Costume Designer

Jack Hancock is a Melbourne based fashion designer who explores conflicting ideologies in the self and uses juxtaposition extensively to create new meanings in clothing. He is currently collaborating with Chunky Move on It Cannot Be Stopped, designing Benjamin Hancock‘s costume for his piece, Princess.

Jack has an obsession for the examination of cloth, he uses primarily natural fibres like wool, silks and linens, and likes to investigate how the character of the fibres can be challenged by they way they’ve been woven and then cut. Jack expresses a masculinity through clothing that adopts tailoring principles and methodologies to use different cutting techniques investigate gender and culture. These techniques references the historical usage of textiles and in some cases will borrow themes and ideas from global history to create new cutting methods for new form. Jack currently works under the Designer and Pattern cutter Glen Rollason.

He has recently been offered a scholarship to study abroad in Japan for 6 months to learn the Japanese language through its culture.