Marcel Wierckx

Composer & Sound Designer

Marcel Wierckx is a sound and video artist who creates music and image for concert, film, theatre and dance. He created the music and sound design for Chunky Move’s 247 Days (2013) and An Act of Now (2012), which was awarded the Age Critic’s Award in 2012.

He regularly presents his work at festivals and conferences around the world, including the International Computer Music Conference, the International Society of Contemporary Music World Music Days, the STRP Festival and the MFRU International Festival of Computer Arts. His audiovisual composition Zwarte Ruis Witte Stilte (Black Noise White Silence) has been released on the 12K/Line041 Optofonica DVD.

Wierckx studied instrumental and electronic music composition in Canada and at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology in The Netherlands. He is currently a lecturer in live electronic music at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.