Clare Rae

Chunky Move commissioned Melbourne based visual artist, Clare Rae to create a series of photographs and a single stop-motion animation in her hallmark style as the visual basis for the Company’s rebrand and new website. Clare’s work is concerned with tension, portraying situations that offer alternative spatial and psychological interactions between the artist and the possibilities that are held in her surrounds. To that end, Clare’s work felt like the perfect match for Chunky Move’s new visual identity designed by Studio Round.

For this commission Clare worked with, and photographed seven individuals who were in some way connected with the life of Chunky Move – a dancer, a patron, a sound designer, an audience member – to create a unique visual identity for the site – an identity that is as bold and striking as Chunky Move is on stage.

Chunky Move would like to thank the following individuals who participated in the commission: Marco Cher-Gibard, Niharika Senapati, Leif Helland, Rosemary Forbes, Peter Eckersall, Alice Tovey and Brett Thompson.

To see more of Clare’s work visit her website: