Nick Roux

Multimedia Operator

Nick Roux is an artist working in sound and video: composing, editing, directing and designing, in performance, installation and screen based work. He has been involved with Chunky Move since 2006 collaborating in productions such as AORTA (2013), Connected (2011), Two Faced Bastard (2008), Singularity (2006), I want to Dance Better at Parties (2004), Tense Dave (2003)  and toured to an extensive list of venues throughout the world, operating and engineering sound and multi-media systems for numerous productions including the Kalypso motion tracking system for Glow (2006) and Mortal Engine (2008).

Nick produces video works alone and in collaboration with performance makers and visual artists, and his works have been shown at numerous international festivals and galleries including Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, and Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival in the Netherlands.  Since meeting Frieder Weiss in 2006 he has toured to an extensive list of festivals and venues around the world engineering the Kalypso motion tracking system.

In 2013, Roux worked on the world premiere of King Kong – using the Kalypso system – for Global Creatures.