Nicole Beutler

Choreographer & Theatre Maker

Nicole Beutler (Munich, 1969) lives and works in Amsterdam as choreographer and theatremaker. Nicole will be running a workshop at the Chunky Move Studios from 21-25 October co-presented with Melbourne Festival.

Her work is situated on the threshold of dance, performance and visual arts, she works from the conviction that all fixed categorizations should be destabilized. She refers in her contemporary work often also to the history of dance and theatre. She engages in works with amateurs and professionals, old and young. Her performances are composed with a high sense for musicality, and suffused with subtle humor.

After being a member of the collective of theatremakers LISA for five years, she set up her own organization NBprojects in 2009. Her company is a regular player at Frascati Theater in Amsterdam, tours in the Netherlands and abroad (a.o. Spain, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Romania).

Her latest works include: 5: ECHO in collaboration with ICKamsterdam, 4: STILL LIFE, SHIROKURO- a collaboration with concert pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama and lighting designer Jean Kalman, Antigone- a collaboration with puppettheatermaker Ulrike Quade, 3: The Garden, 2: Dialogue with Lucinda, 1: Songs and in December 2010 her first short dance film had its premiere during the Cinedans Festival: Diamond Dancers- a collaborative project with the filmmakers Helena Muskens & Quirine Racké. She was awarded the prestigious VSCD Mimeprize for her work 1: Songs (2009). Several of her works have been selected to be presented at the yearly Nederlandse Dansdagen, a platform for the best works of the season: Several species of small furry animals… (2005), Les Sylphides (2009), 2: Dialogue with Lucinda (2010) and Piece (2011).

Nicole continuously engages and initiates projects that enable reflection and encounter. With that ambition she co-curates various events: the yearly event WE LIVE HERE: An Academy, BACK TO NATURE, in 2014 COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus & The Beast, in 2011 GARDENING #1 in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute Amsterdam. She co-curated the lecture series THE OLD BRAND NEW in collaboration with a team of curators from the visual arts field. This took place in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam from January till September 2009. As Dance and Performance curator at Frascati Theatre (2008 till 2010), she signed a.o. for the programming of the SOMETHING RAW FESTIVAL for innovative dance and performance-makers (2009 and 2010).

Nicole has been a permanent cast member of THE SHOW MUST GO ON by Jérôme Bel since 1999. She is a regular guest teacher at the School for New Dance Development, the department for Modern Theaterdance and the Mimeschool, all of which are departments of the Theatre School of the AHK.

Nicole studied Fine Arts at Münster and München Arts Academies and German Literature at the University of Münster, before studying Dance and Choreography at the SNDO at the Theaterschool, AHK in Amsterdam where she graduated in 1997.