Gregory Lorenzutti

Born in Brazil, Gregory is a dance maker and photographer now based in Melbourne.

Since 1999, Gregory has worked with several Brazilian and international artists and dance companies, such as Renato Vieira, Nos da Danca, Carles Salas, Dani Lima and Niteroi City Ballet, touring throughout the country and overseas . In 2001, he joined the Renato Vieira Companhia de Dança and later became its Rehearsal Director and Choreography Assistant ( from 2005 to 2012).

In 2012, Gregory moved permanently to Australia  where he took part into Antony Hamilton’s work Forces and choreographed and performed for the Summer Solo Series .  In 2012, through a Dancehouse Space Grant he developed his first solo work in Australia (film & stage)  Alaska Gallery - in collaboration with Brazilian film maker Joaquim Tome.

Gregory is currently the international curator for the First Contemporary Dance Conference in Niteroi – Brazil in 2014.

Gregory is a graduate from the University of Rio de Janeiro (Arts), Centro de Artes Nos da Dança and Atelier Coreografico do Rio de Janeiro,  where he studied dance.