Leif Helland

Leif Helland is a Melbourne-based dancer who has performed in Chunky Move’s 247 Days (2013) and An Act of Now (2012). He will be performing in Complexity of Belonging – a project by Falk Richter and Anouk van Dijk that will premiere as part of the 2014 Melbourne Festival.

Leif has worked with renowned choreographers such as Sandra Parker and Rosalind Crisp. Leif has performed in Exposure by Emiline Forster and collaborated in the creative development of Redspan Dance Company’s Vista. In 2011, Leif performed in Vanishing Point, a work choreographed for the City of Melbourne by Stephanie Lake and has also been involved in the creative development of her new work, A Small PrometheusMeanwhile, Leif has continued his work with Fling as a dancer and choreographer, as well as teaching Contemporary Dance at their annual summer school. 

Leif Helland’s passion for dance was ignited at the age of sixteen, when his viola training led him to Fling Physical Theatre’s production of Canon, a collaboration between composer Jeffrey Badger and choreographer Lee Pemberton. Following his acceptance into VCA’s Contemporary Dance program, Leif studied under Phillip Adams and Rebecca Hilton. He continues to play the viola.