Nina Wollny

Originally from Germany, Nina is now based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She performed in Chunky Move’s production,  An Act of Now (2012).

Nina has been a long-time collaborator with Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk, working as a performer and artistic assistant for anoukvandijk dc. She has performed in nearly all of the company’s works since 2002 and toured globally with productions, amongst others: Amour Fou, Suna no Onna, Pushing Air, Heads, PROTECT ME and Rausch. Wollny also performed in the Australia tours of STAU at the Adelaide Festival and the Sydney Opera House in 2006 and in Trust at the Perth International Arts Festival in 2011.

Wollny is the primary teacher of Anouk van Dijk’s Countertechnique, having taught masterclasses and workshops at academies, festivals, companies and studios throughout the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia, as well as having participated in the development of a publication on Countertechnique for the book Dance Techniques 2010.

Nina initially trained in ballet before studying contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy.