Embodiment 1:1:1

World premiere:
27 September 2013 (Melbourne)

Creative Team:
Concept, Choreography and Direction: Anouk van Dijk

James Vu Anh PhamNiharika SenapatiTara Jade Samaya

Photo credit:
Jeff Busby

On Friday 27 September 2013, Chunky Move made an appearance at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art’s Art Bar with a pop up performance choreographed by Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk.

The work, entitled Embodiment 1:1:1, was performed alongside artist Monika Sosnowska’s monumental installation Facade (2013) displayed as part of Regional Modernities, an exhibition of the Polish artist’s work at ACCA.

Performed by Chunky Move dancers James Vu Anh Pham, Niharika Senapati and Tara Jade Samaya, Embodiment 1:1:1 combined the refined aesthetic of Van Dijk with the suspended facade’s compromised geometry, creating a new coalescence between space, sculpture and choreography.