It Sounds Silly

29 August 2014
Wells Street Plaza, Frankston

World Premiere
19 August, 2011
SIGNAL, Melbourne

Original Creative Team:
Director & Choreographer:
Adam Wheeler
Multimedia Designer:
Robin Fox
Lighting Designer:
Benjamin Cisterne
Sound Designer:
Alisdair Macindoe
Costume Designer:
Benjamin Hancock

2014 Professional Dancers:
James Andrews, James Batchelor, Madeleine Krenek, Amber McCartney

2014 Yellow Wheel Dancers:
Marlo Benjamin, Matthew Hyde, Chad McLachlan, Olivia McPherson

2011 Professional Dancers:
James Andrews, Tyler Hawkins, Madeleine Krenek, Frankie Snowdon

Photo Credit: 
Jeff Busby (2011) and Gary Sissons (2014)

Media response:
“Coherently conceived, intelligently plotted and courageously executed.” – Realtime
“An energetic reflection on childhood.” – The Age
“Exemplary youth art.” – Theatre Notes

Read more:
The Age, 22 August, 2011
Real Time, 1 October, 2011
Theatre Notes, 31 August, 2011

It Sounds Silly enters the world as we saw it as children. How we understood the operations and functions of the body, machines and the universe. Through dance, sound and video the performance looks at childhood memories of first time experiences.

The premiere season of It Sounds Silly was presented at City of Melbourne’s SIGNAL, an arts studio dedicated to young people. Twenty four young performers and four of Melbourne’s most talented young professional contemporary dancers shared their stories that have made them the people they are today.

The latest season saw Chunky Move working with Frankston Arts Centre, young performers from the Frankston area, four professional contemporary dancers plus four dancers from Victoria’s pre-professional dance company Yellow Wheel. It Sounds Silly was performed twice on Friday 29 August 2014 at Wells Street Plaza in Frankston as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

A note from Adam Wheeler

When a friend of mine, Frankie, was little she loved watermelons so much that she would gather all the watermelon seeds and eat them with dirt and water to grow a watermelon in her belly. The absurdity but innocent beauty of this story sums up what It Sounds Silly is all about.

As an alumnus of Tasmania’s Stompin I understand the importance of a creative dance outlet to further contemporary dance skills in young people. This work is about them, celebrating their imagination, sharing who they are today and revelling in the possibilities of the future.

It Sounds Silly is particularly special to me, as we have brought a great group of young dancers together with some fine professional artists. It excites me greatly to have so many wonderful people working together to bring this project to life.

I’m really excited that It Sounds Silly is being rediscovered in 2014. It’s a pleasure to be working with young people from Frankston, giving them a chance to work with professional dancers and companies like Chunky Move and Yellow Wheel, and giving us the chance to hear their stories.

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