Next Move 9

World Premiere
Next Move Commission
9 – 17 September 2016
Chunky Move Studios, Melbourne

Running time: 120 min, including a 20 min interval

Creative Teams

Direction: Melanie Lane
Choreography: Melanie Lane in collaboration with Juliet Burnett
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey – House of Vnholy
Sound Composition: Chris Clark
Costume Design: Paula Levis
Performers: Melanie Lane and Juliet Burnett

Concept/Direction/Choreography: Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey
Composition & Sound Design: Duane Morrison
Costume Design: Shio Otani
Performers: Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn


Mermermer was nominated in the 2017 Helpmann Awards ‘Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production‘ category

Duane Morrison won the 2017 Green Room Award for Music Composition and Sound Design

Image credit:
Gregory Lorenzutti

Chunky Move presented its ninth Next Move performance season, an initiative unique in scale in Australia that commissions new work, supporting and nurturing the next generation of leading dance makers.

In a world premiere double bill, choreographer Melanie Lane presented Re-make, and choreographer Jo Lloyd in collaboration with performance maker Nicola Gunn presented Mermermer – two works born from unique collaborations and a shared fascination for the histories embedded in another’s body.

With Re-make, Melanie Lane embarked on a long awaited collaboration with former Australian Ballet Senior Artist Juliet Burnett. Through narrative, space and technology, Re-make negotiated tradition, discipline and the future of the highly trained classical body.

If you were one of the last two humans on earth, what would you talk about? Created and performed by Jo Lloyd and Nicola Gunn, Mermermer was simultaneously a physical and verbal conversation, a new mode of performance that explored saturation, social encounters and an augmented reality that oscillated somewhere between high art and entertainment.

Chunky Move’s Next Move program is supported by Daniel and Danielle Besen. 

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“Witty, joyous and disconcerting, Mermermer blends the irreverent, absurd and everyday into a quirky style of comedic physical theatre.” – The Australian

“Draped in an aesthetic of cool detachment, Re-make … slowly peels away layers of classical ballet technique” – The Australian

“Lloyd and Gunn, as did Lane and Burnett, moved as one fabulously linked form and the results were wildly varied and visually arresting” – Fjord Review

“Super weird. Very funny. Highly creative. What a great evening of entertainment!” – Dance Life