Chunky Move

“Our best modern dance company”
The Australian

“Chunky Move’s unpredictable productions push boundaries and create challenges.”
 The Daily Telegraph

“Under Van Dijk, Chunky Move feels, excitingly, like a celebration and exploration of current dance practice in all its complex forms.”
Herald Sun

“[Chunky Move] never does the same thing twice.”
Herald Sun

“Chunky Move has challenged expectations with works that have been innovative, eclectic, physical and bold…The company is Australia’s most successful contemporary dance export, with an extensive international touring program.”
Arts Hub

“Chunky Move do it with a hard-edged impact and design originality that makes them particularly memorable”
Manchester Evening News

“Avant-garde, energy-packed and very unconventional – a night out with Chunky Move actually provoked both controversy and thought, leaving one in keen anticipation for more”
The Singapore Financial Times

Rule of Thirds

“it somehow manages to conjure an expansive, abyssal universe, ripe with narrative subtext.”
***1/2 Limelight Magazine

“This movement is…mesmerisingly fluid, with strong performances from James Vu Anh Pham, Niharika Senapati and Tara Jade Samaya.”
***1/2 The Age

Miss Universal

Miss Universal is visually arresting and conceptually provoking – an outstanding addition to Chunky Move’s Next Move initiative to support emerging choreographers.”
**** The Age

Miss Universal is intense and deeply ruminating; joyous and harsh; intellect and instinct
**** The Daily Review

Miss Universal tangles and untangles complex notions of consumption, feminism, science fiction, the universe and love.”
The Weekly Review

Depth of Field

“Highly sophisticated and fascinating in its juxtaposition of bodies in space, Depth of Field brings new life to a forgotten corner of Melbourne’s urban landscape.”
**** The Age

“Depth of Field is an outstanding work that potentially pushes the already high artistic standard of Chunky Move even higher.”
***** Melbourne. Arts. Fashion

“Depth of Field features moments of true dance magic, as well as being technically adept and deftly performed.” 
**** ArtsHub

Complexity of Belonging

“(…) with pulsating and often heartrending choreography by Anouk Van Dijk, this is a powerful fusion of aesthetics and performance principles.”
**** Time Out

“There are several moments throughout Complexity of Belonging where the ensemble comes together in perfect unison to create bold moments of theatricality.”
****1/2 ArtsHub

“Deeply moving and frequently hilarious”
Australian Stage Online

It Cannot Be Stopped

“Anouk van Dijk’s instincts are sound in her choice of truly interesting choreographers.”

“Each contribution is fresh, thoughtful and rigorous in its own distinct way.”
****Herald Sun

“A contrasting and consistently engaging program” 
Dance Australia

247 Days

“Another van Dijk masterpiece.”
The Age

“There’s something masterful in Anouk van Dijk’s creative vision… a resounding success.”
The Age

“Van Dijk brilliantly conveys her dancers’ inner turbulence.”
The Australian

Van Dijk and 247 Days walks a well-tempered line between exposing a raw, personal aspect of each performer without compromising the excellence and cohesion of the ensemble.”
The Herald Sun

An Act of Now

“An Act of Now is a genuinely exhilarating work.”

“Beautiful and risky, disturbing and passionate.”
Stage Whispers

“An Act of Now – performed at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl – shows an inventiveness and boldness that really merits the word “risk”.”
Theatre Notes

“An Act of Now signals that Chunky Move will continue to push boundaries as a cutting-edge dance company.”
The Age

Keep Everything

“After watching this performance, I think the future of contemporary dance is in safe hands.” 
Dance Australia 

Keep Everything is a gloriously bizarre piece…”
Street Press Australia 

“The dancers (Benjamin Hancock, Lauren Langlois, Alisdair Macindoe) are superhuman avatars in Hamilton’s universe.” 
The Australian 

Keep Everything is like being in a dream, where everything makes sense but is totally absurd.” 



“[Aorta] combines intricate and dynamically nuanced choreography, powerful performances, and a deft and beautifully pitched sound composition.” 
The Age

“AORTA is a complex and beautiful work that, like all living things, amounts to more than the sum of its interconnected parts.” 
RealTime Arts

 “Pham, Mu and Batchelor are all excellent in Aorta, boasting the musculature control to shift rapidly from rounded, undulating pathways to sharp and convulsive ones, with a great deal of skill and pathos.”
The Age