James Vu Anh Pham

About James

James Vu Anh Pham has performed in several productions with Chunky Move: Rule of Thirds (2016), Depth of Field (2015), Complexity of Belonging (2014), AORTA (2013) – a Next Move production, 247 Days (2013) and An Act of Now (2012). He also participated in Embodiment1:1:1 – Anouk  van Dijk’s pop up performances at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in September 2013. In 2014, James performed gentle is the power, a solo piece choreographed by Anouk van Dijk as part of SOLO Festival of Dance in Brisbane. He has been studying Countertechnique intensively since 2012, and became a certified teacher in July 2014.

James received the ‘Best Male Dancer in a Dance or Physical Theatre Work’ 2014 Helpmann Award for his performance in 247 Days and the Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer 2014 Australian Dance Award for AORTA.

Independantly, James has performed in Alice Lee Holland’s Tiny Little Tragedies (2012), professionally with Steps Youth Dance Company Fights & Flights (2014), Triumphs and Other Alternatives (2014) a new work by Ross McCormack’s Muscle Mouth and World of Wearable Art (2015) under the directorship of Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams.

As of 2016 James has relocated to Belgium to continue his career with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s Eastman, performing in Babel 7.16 in the Palais des Papes for the Festival d’Avignon, guesting in Ravel with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, ICON with the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and Les Indes Galantes in collaboration with the Bayerische Staatsoper Munich.

Class with James

Countertechnique has provided me the key tools to access so much more knowledge physically and mentally. For me it’s the bridge between the two that give me the power and control to accept all the possibilities before and after they present themselves in Anouk van Dijk’s choreography and movement. Countertechnique has allowed me to become a more open body, therefore an open mind, therefore an open dancer, therefore an open person. 

I’m am drawn to the versatility of the philosophy and methodologies that Countertechnique brings. You can apply it as much and/or as little as you want to whatever movement you are executing, be it technical or non-technical. It is current, it is now and it is developing alongside us as humans. With Countertechnique you have the choice, therefore the power to make what you want of it… It gives you options, and saying “No, not today. Fuck it!” is also a valid option.

Having the freedom to learn Countertechnique and applying the tools, definitely allows me to execute Anouk van Dijk’s movement with ease and efficiency that I may have taken years to figure out… and I’d much rather not figure it out with trial and error through injuries. The career is too fleeting to sit on the sidelines!