Joanne White

About Joanne

Originally a member of the Hamburg Ballet for several years, Jo joined BalletLab 10 years ago, performing in most works and touring extensively with the company. 

 Jo has worked with The West Australian Ballet, Buzz Dance Theatre, Tasdance, Opera Australia and several other independent companies and artists in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Tokyo. For the past 5 years she has been teaching ballet, contemporary, yoga and repertoire at the Victorian College of the Arts and regularly teaches for Lucy Guerin Company. Her interest and study of bodywork practices extends to Iyengar Yoga, Pilates, the work of Eric Franklin and various techniques that explore the circulation of energy in the body. Most recently, Melanie has been involved in the creative process of Thumb, a new work by Phillip Adams to premiere in 2014.

Jo trained at the John Neumeier Hamburg Ballet School and the Victorian College of the Arts.

Class with Joanne

Class will often begin by exploring non-stylised movements and ideas informed by bodywork practices. Focus is given to organising the body from inner to outer and awakening the support and connections that transfer force through the body. As class progresses, this support provides a foundation to explore varied ranges of movement that continue warming up, awakening/exploring sequencing of the body and moving through space. Phrase material progresses from simple to increasingly complex, negotiating change of direction, articulation and weight transference with speed and control. Within the structure of phrase material individual, virtuosic choice is encouraged.