Joel Bray

About Joel

Joel is a dancer and choreographer based in Israel. For Chunky Move he has performed in Complexity of Belonging (2014), working with Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk and Falk Richter on Safe Places (Frankfurt  Schauspielhaus, 2016). He has also performed with Company CeDeCe (Portugal), Kolben Dance, Sally Anne Freidland, Machol Shalem Dance House, Odelya Kuperberg and Yoram Karmi’s FRESCO Dance Company.

Joel’s choreographic credits include works for PICA, the ArtRage Festival (Perth), The Albania International Dance Meeting (Durres, Albania), the Mixer Festival (Ramat Gan, Israel) andDancers Create (Suzan Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv). His work for a children’s audience, SPLASH, was commissioned by the Israeli National Science Museum and had an audience of over 11,000.

Joel began dancing at age 20, with traditional Aboriginal and Contemporary dance forms at NAISDA Dance College (Sydney) before graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2005.

Class with Joel

My class is all about replacing muscular effort with precision of direction and activating the imagination. In this way we create massive, space-eating movement with ease and pleasure. This effortlessness is found even when powerfully squatting and crawling to create the effect of a body that expands and contracts, softly descends into the floor and bounces up out of it and feels just as comfortable upside down as the right way up. All of this against a soundtrack of pop music and driving electronic beats, to keep things fun and to get a sweat up.