Melanie Lane

About Melanie

Originally from Sydney, Melanie is a performer, choreographer and teacher now based between Berlin and Melbourne.

In the past decade, Melanie has worked with various Australian and European companies and artists such as Arco Renz, Club Guy and Roni, Tino Seghal, Antony Hamilton and PVC. Since 2007, Melanie is artistic collaborator to Belgian dance company Kobalt Works | Arco Renz.

As a choreographer, Melanie has taken up many residencies and has established a repertory of works performing in international festivals such as Tanz im August, Uzes Danse Festival, Spring Dance Festival, Festival Antigel, and Tanz ueber Graben/HAU Berlin among others.

Melanie continues to develop her work as well as teaching professional training and workshops locally and abroad. She has been a guest teacher for companies such as Carte Blanche, Sasha Waltz and Guests, Chunky Move, PVC dance company, Tanztheater Bielefeld and Danish Dance Theatre.

Melanie graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 1999.

Class with MelanieĀ 

The class opens the joints, expands the skeletal structure and stimulates the muscular systems to generate energy and warmth throughout the body. Through a series of movement sequences, a physical language based on the techniques used in the warm up, will guide the body into space. The class develops consequentially through the floor, standing, moving through space and into a final movement combination. This training gives space for personal expression and freedom while working deep into the body. It aims to give the body its maximum potential in utilising physical extremities, speed and energy.