Tara Jade Samaya

About Tara

Tara Jade Samaya has worked under the directorship of Anouk Van Djik at Chunky Move since 2012. She has recently performed in two major show for the NZ Festival of the Arts, Douglas Wright’s The Kiss Inside & Chunky Move’s Complexity of Belonging. Other works with Chunky Move include Rule of Thirds (2016), Depth of Field (Dance Massive 2015), 247 Days (Dance Massive 2013) and Embodiment 1:1:1, (ACCA installation 2013). In 2016 Tara was appointed Artistic Associate at Chunky Move.

In 2016, Tara and Pippa Samaya’s collective Ubuntu Samaya, won first prize in the international 60 second dance film competition for The Knowledge Between Us in both Finland and Denmark. They also won the judges choice for ‘best film’ at FAD Festival USA for Pick Yourself Up, and their film Photosynthesise (2015) gained an Honorable mention for Wood and Humanity international film competition.

Tara has previously performed with the Australian Dance Theatre under Artistic Directorship of Garry Stewart for Proximity (2013), Be Your Self (2012), Worldhood (2011), G (2008/09) and Devolution (2007). Her performances in Be Your Self and Proximity saw her nominated for the Helpmann Award for Best Female Dancer in a Dance or Physical Theatre Production in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Tara completed a full time course in Classical Ballet at the Marie-Walton Mahon Dance Academy and continued her studies at the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts.

Class with Tara

My approach in a warm up class involves waking up both the body and mind, and focusing on brining awareness to the experience of movement. My eclectic music appreciation helps motivate and inspire this throughout the class.

I have been highly influenced by my recent discoveries in Countertechnique, motivating a desire to find freedom in the body and mind to access range and energy. I use language influenced by energy projection and energy medicine techniques drawn from my experience in martial arts, meditation and yoga. I also incorporate a balance of floor work and a technical balance influenced by my classical ballet background. I believe that producing energy can heal any blockage.

Although this practice can be a personal one, I encourage all participants to share this experience with others and learn from that unique combination. Come with an openness to share (and groove)!