Gregory Lorenzutti

About Gregory

Born in Brazil, Gregory Lorenzutti is a dancer and photographer based in Melbourne. He is a theatre graduate from the University of Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1999, Lorenzutti has worked with several Brazilian and international choreographers, such as Renato Vieira Dance Company, Carles Salas, Rodrigo Pederneiras, Luis Arrieta, Henrique Rodovalho, Regina Miranda, Paea Leach, Jorge Garcia, Regina Sauer, Ana Vitória and Niteroi City Ballet, touring throughout Brazil, USA, Europe, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

In 2003 he started to develop his career as a choreographer mentored by Regina Miranda, director of Arts & Culture of the LABAN Institute of Movement Studies in New York, supported by Rio de Janeiro City Council.

In 2012, Lorenzutti moved permanently to Australia. He recently worked with Force Majeure, Chunky Move, Phillip Adams BalletLab, Annalouise Paul, Antony Hamilton, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey and Yumi Umiumare.  In 2014 he premiered his first full length dance work in Australia Mechanical Eye.

As a photographer, his essays have been extensively exhibited and published in Brazil, Italy, USA, France, Canada, Argentina and Australia. In 2015 He held his first major solo photographic exhibition co-curated by Dancehouse Dance is my Landscape.

Currently Lorenzutti is a dancer for Phillip Adams BalletLab, Yumi Umiumare and choreographer of international projects for Big hArt.

Class with Gregory

My contemporary classes are well-known for their focus in developing the sense of continuity in movement. I believe that the apprenticeship process in dance is a fundamental part of our self-consciousness development and how we use it to connect ourselves with others. During my classes, people are stimulated to challenge their boundaries as much as to be aware about their own personal physical limitations and surroundings.

I have used my background in traditional Brazilian rhythms, dances and physical training (such as Capoeira) and applied it into a contemporary approach for ultimately and gradually increases the relaxation and strengthening of the body. To me, learning dance is an activity that demands effort, energy, concentration and happiness. My classes are known for their rigorous physical and technical approach as well as their intense breathing and floor work.